Athletic Space at Brown University is intended to be used primarily for Department of Athletics programing.  However, individuals or groups desiring to use space may be granted permission to rent space when it is available. 

Requesting Rental Info
To request additional information about the availability of an athletic facility for external use, please click here.

Ice Rink Rental Availability  

Rental Group Policies and Procedures:

Brown University requires proof of general liability insurance to cover non-university events held in our facilities for meetings, conferences, sports camps/clinics, weddings or other special functions or events.

  • The acceptable form of insurance documentation is a certificate of insurance showing evidence of general liability insurance to cover the event and use of University facilities.
  • The certificate of insurance must provide a minimum of $1 million in coverage limits and include Brown University as the certificate holder and as an additional named insured for the event and use of facilities.

Food Service
Brown University Dining Services has first right of refusal for any outside event that desires to have food or drink served.  Brown Dining Services can offer concessions, catered, or bar services.  If Brown Dining Services is unable or uninterested in covering an event, we will work with event leadership to find a mutually agreed upon vendor to service the event.

For facility location, parking information, directions and general info please visit our Facilities page at or by clicking here

See below for a master list of athletic facility space.  It should be noted that just because a space is listed below, does not necessarily mean athletics is able or willing to rent the space.

Berylson Family Field East Ittleson Quadrangle Outdoor Tennis Facility
Berylson Family Field West Marvel Field Pembroke Field
Brodsky Squash Pavilion (5 courts) Meehan Auditorium (ice) Pembroke Fieldhouse
Brown Softball Field Meehan Auditorium (no ice) Pembroke Volleyball Courts
Brown Stadium (entire complex) Meehan Auditorium Davis Lounge Pizzitola Center Conference Room
Brown Stadium (field only) Meister-Kavan Field Pizzitola Center Joukowsky Room Lounge
Brown Stadium parking lot Murray Stadium Pizzitola Center Media Room
Brown Stadium Throws Grass Field Nelson Fitness Center Fitness Studio Pizzitola Center Williams Court
Brown Stadium Track Nelson Fitness Center Conference Room Squash Court(s)
Coleman Aquatics Center Nelson Fitness Center Wet Conference Room Stevenson-Pincince Field
Corner Field OMAC Badminton Court(s) Warner Roof Field
Goldberger Family Field OMAC Basketball Court(s) Wrestling Room
Gymnastics Room OMAC Conference Room Zucconi Strength & Conditioning Center
Indoor Tennis Court(s) OMAC Fitness Studio
Indoor Tennis Court Facility OMAC Indoor Golf Facility
Ittleson Quadrangle OMAC Indoor Track
Marston Boathouse Dock OMAC Volleyball Court(s)
Marston Boathouse Rowing Tanks Outdoor Tennis Court(s)

Event Support
Brown Athletics offers multiple event support options to assist in the running of your event.  See below for different auxiliary items you may want to consider for your event.  Most of these items include an additional cost beyond the facility use fee.

A/V Equipment Field Lining Plumber Stanchions
Ambulance Flagpole Podium Table Cloths
Athletic Trainer Floor Covering Police (Brown) Tables
Barriers          Goals (Field Hockey) Police (Providence) Tent (Over 10x10)
Chairs Goals (Lacrosse) Port-o-Jons Tent (Pop Up 10x10)
Coat Rack Goals (Soccer) Scoreboard Access Ticket Takers
Easel Golf Carts Sound System (Public Address) Trash Barrels
Electrician Grounds Cleaning Sound Tech Ushers
EMT Grounds Prep Sounds System (Music) Whiteboard
Event Security/Management Pipe and Drape Staging Wireless Mic

Facility Use Policies

  • Pets, chewing gum and tobacco products are prohibited.  Food, drink, and or alcoholic beverages must be pre-approved by athletics.
  • In most cases, for indoor events, floors must be covered if the event is not athletic in nature.
  • All participants must wear shoes and the shoes must be appropriate for the space/field.
  • Groups/participants are only allowed to use their reserved space as confirmed by athletics. Adjacent spaces must be scheduled and reserved separately.
  • All signage and posters must be posted neatly and removed immediately following the event.  Only use blue painters tape to hang signs.  If signs are left after the event a clean-up fee will be applied.
  • Any damage caused by signage hung will be billed to the group.
  • We will not be responsible for any equipment brought to the site by a rental group if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • The facility must be cleared after use and secured at the end of the night. Any trash left behind will be billed to the group via clean-up charges.
  • All lights/sound systems must be turned off at the end of each night.
  • Groups violating the above policies could forfeit their privileges or the ability to reserve space.