All-Time Academic All-Americans

Name Sport Team Year
Darren Brady Basketball First Team 1985
Christa Champion Basketball First Team 1984, 1985, 1986
Patrick Conroy Football First Team 2011
John Cuozzo Football First Team 1987
*Darren Eales Soccer First Team 1995
Marty Edwards Football First Team 1986
Dave Folsom Football First Team 1982
*Chris Fox Soccer First Team 1996
*Katie Goddard Gymnastics First Team 2012
Nick Hartigan Football First Team 2005
^Nick Hartigan Football First Team 2006
Travis Holcombe Football First Team 1981
*Dylan Molloy Lacrosse First Team 2017
Todd Murray Basketball First Team 1985
*Karen Prazar Crew First Team 2004
*Daniel Ricketts Swimming First Team 2009
Scott Simpson Baseball First Team 1987
Matthew Sullivan Basketball First Team 2013
Jim Turner Basketball First Team 1986
*Katie Auriemma Field Hockey Second Team 2008
*Suzanne Bailey Soccer/Lacrosse Second Team 1991
Arnie Berman Basketball Second Team 1972
*Yann Danis Ice Hockey Second Team 2004
J.J. Eno Baseball Second Team 2007
Paul Fichiera Football Second Team 1996
Bob Forster Football Second Team 1978
*Margaret Gardel Crew Second Team 1998
Ryan Graddy Track & Field Second Team 2008
Sam Grigo Baseball Second Team 2017
Paul Jasinowski Football Second Team 2009
*Larken Kemp Lacrosse Second Team 2017
Mike Konieczny Baseball Second Team 1977
Garrett Leffellman Basketball Second Team 2011
Rick Lloyd Basketball Second Team 1992
Dan Lowry Track & Field Second Team 2012
*Oliver Marti Lacrosse Second Team 1993
*Ruby Moore-Bloom Crew Second Team 2017
Scott Nelson Football Second Team 1976
Ellen Newberry Softball Second Team 1985
*Kelly O'Hear Skiing Second Team 2007
John Plansky Baseball Second Team 1987
Paul Raymond Football Second Team 2007, 2008
Conor Reardon Baseball Second Team 2008
*Kate Saul Crew Second Team 2000
Brian Sennett Baseball Second Team 1983
Dylan Sheehan Soccer Second Team 2008
Matt Simmons Football Second Team 1997
Jeff Trauger Football Second Team 1983
*Krystyn Van Vliet Crew Second Team 1998
*Hans Wittusen Soccer Second Team 1997
Donna Yaffe Basketball Second Team 1984
Adom Crew Soccer Third Team 2004
Lindsay Cunningham Soccer Third Team 2008
J.J. Eno Baseball Third Team 2008
Naja Ferjan Track & Field Third Team 2006
*Rachel Gottlieb Crew Third Team 2015
*Casey Kelsey Crew Third Team 2011
Sam Kernan-Schloss Soccer Third Team 2012
Rick Lloyd Basketball Third Team 1991
*Dylan Molloy Lacrosse Third Team 2016
Michelle Moses Softball Third Team 2008, 2009
Matt Mullery Basketball Third Team 2010
*Jeff Nord Track & Field Third Team 1999
Will Quigley Football Third Team 2015
Dylan Remick Soccer Third Team 2012
*Muriel Solberg Crew Third Team 2016
Steven Spieth Basketball Third Team 2017
Matthew Sullivan Basketball Third Team 2012
Sheila Terranova Field Hockey Third Team 1985
*Ed Watts Track & Field Third Team 1997
*Luke Weiser Water Polo Third Team 2017
*Andy Wiener Water Polo Third Team 2006
Donna Yaffe Basketball Third Team 1985
Sue Beauliue Softball Honorable Mention 1986
*Lauren Becker Lacrosse Honorable Mention 1986
*Gretchen Orr Soccer Honorable Mention 1985
John Plansky Baseball Honorable Mention 1986
Donna Yaffe Basketball Honorable Mention 1983

Those indicated by an asterisk (*) were on the at-large team
Those indicated by (^) were the Academic All-American of the Year