#15 Bears Fall To #3 Yale and #4 Cornell

#15 Bears Fall To #3 Yale and #4 Cornell

Feb. 10, 2009

Ithaca, New York - Playing at #3 Yale on Friday afternoon in new Haven, CT, and then at #4 Cornell in Ithaca, NY Sunday afternoon, coach Stuart leGassick's 14th-ranked Brown men's squash team fell to the Bulldogs, 9-0, and the Big Red by a 9-0 margin.

Playing at number three against Cornell, freshman Brad Thompson played a spirited match, taking the third game to the brink, before losing 10-9, and the match, 3-0. He also lost to Yale in much the same manner, this time at number four, fighting to 10-8 in the third game before falling, 3-0.

The Bears return to the Pizzitola Sports Center on Tuesday, February 10 vs. Tufts, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Brown Men's Squash vs. Cornell
Cornell 9, Brown 0
1S      Sachvie,Christopher (C) def.  Leanza,Adrian, 9-3,9-3,9-3
2S      Domenick,Alex (C) def.  Clayman,Benjamin, 9-2,9-6,9-2
3S      Wagner,Charlie (C) def.  Thompson,Brad, 9-0,9-1,10-9
4S      Hilton,David (C) def.  Davis,Patrick, 9-2,9-4,9-6
5S      Claghorn,W.McKay (C) def.  Besser,Evan, 9-0,9-4,9-5
6S      Spettigue,Thomas (C) def.  Bryan,William, 9-4,9-5,9-6
7S      Gupta,Amar (C) def.  Heitzmann,Alex, 9-1,9-0,9-4
8S      Brady,Pat (C) def.  Camarda,Brett, 9-4,9-3,9-0
9S      Vernick,Christopher  (C) def.  Winkler,Jacob (sub) 9-1,9-3,9-1

Brown Men's Squash vs. Yale Yale 9, Brown 0 1S Fulham,John (Y) def. Leanza,Adrian, 9-2,9-1,9-1 2S Ruth,Todd (Y) def. Clayman,Benjamin, 9-3,9-0,9-3 3S Johnson,Francis (Y) def. Greenberg,Adam, 9-0,9-0,9-1 4S Campbell,Colin (Y) def. Thompson,Brad, 9-1,9-1,10-8 5S Plimpton,Christopher (Y) def. Davis,Patrick, 9-1,9-2,9-1 6S Hatch,Billy (Y) def. Besser,Evan, 9-0,9-0,9-1 7S Maruca,Michael (Y) def. Bryan,William, 9-1,9-1,9-0 8S Oetter,Ethan (Y) def. Heitzmann,Alex, 9-1,9-1,9-6 9S Feldman,Russell (Y) def. Camarda,Brett, 9-5,9-4,9-1 10S Reid,Christopher (Y) def. Winkler,Jacob (sub), 9-5,9-7,7-9,9-2