2017 Brown Field Hockey Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Hometown/Last School
Allee Ayles full bio 1 Allee Ayles GK Sophomore 5-9 Westwood, Mass. / Noble and Greenough School
Anya Nayak full bio 2 Anya Nayak F/M Freshman 5-7 Ann Arbor, Mich. / Detroit Country Day School
Rachel Lanouette full bio 3 Rachel Lanouette B/M Junior 5-3 Windham, N.H. / Windham
Emma Quigley full bio 4 Emma Quigley F Senior 5-3 Hopewell, N.J. / Princeton Day
Ali Dunning full bio 5 Ali Dunning M Sophomore 5-6 Amersham, England / Dr. Challoner's High School
Ellie Seid full bio 6 Ellie Seid F Junior 5-3 Larchmont, N.Y. / Mamaroneck
Kelly Conway full bio 7 Kelly Conway F/M Senior 5-6 Oakhurst, N.J. / Ocean Township
Emma Caviness full bio 8 Emma Caviness F/M Junior 5-4 Stow, Mass. / Nashoba Regional
Kelly Raymond full bio 9 Kelly Raymond B Freshman 5-4 Salem, N.H. / Brooks School
Anagha Nayak full bio 10 Anagha Nayak B/M Freshman 5-8 Ann Arbor, Mich. / Detroit Country Day School
Maddie Ayles full bio 11 Maddie Ayles B/M Junior 5-7 Westwood, Mass. / Noble and Greenough School
Ashley Waldron full bio 12 Ashley Waldron B Senior 5-6 East Walpole, Mass. / Walpole
Hannah Leckey full bio 14 Hannah Leckey M/B Sophomore 5-7 Madison, Conn. / The Hotchkiss School
Corinne Condie full bio 15 Corinne Condie B/M Sophomore 5-3 St. Louis, Mo. / John Burroughs School
Gina Openshaw full bio 16 Gina Openshaw F Sophomore 5-9 Annapolis, Md. / St. Mary’s High School
Kasey Quicksill full bio 17 Kasey Quicksill M Freshman 5-5 Clementon, N.J. / Voorhees
Katherine Kallergis full bio 18 Katherine Kallergis F Senior 5-3 Lake Forest, Ill. / Lake Forest
Anna Kaneb full bio 19 Anna Kaneb M/F Freshman 5-7 Manchester, Mass. / Pingree School
Hannah Deppe full bio 20 Hannah Deppe M Freshman 5-5 Avon, Conn. / Avon
Carly Kabelac full bio 21 Carly Kabelac M/F Junior 5-8 Potomac, Md. / Winston Churchill
Zoey Miller full bio 22 Zoey Miller F/M Sophomore 5-3 Louisville, Ky. / Sacred Heart Academy
Alexa Scala full bio 23 Alexa Scala F Senior 5-8 Rumford, R.I. / St. Mary Academy Bay View
Lexi King full bio 24 Lexi King M Freshman 5-3 Granby, Conn. / The Ethel Walker School
Maggie Mostoller full bio 25 Maggie Mostoller M Senior 5-7 Hummelstown, Pa. / Lower Dauphin
Katie Hammaker full bio 80 Katie Hammaker GK Junior 5-1 Ephrata, Pa. / Ephrata